There are no guidelines. There’s not enough research to clearly define what is an appropriate dose for your body. It’s almost like your reaction to CBD is a fingerprint of your DNA. Some people are good with 250 mg a day, others – like me – take about 1200 mg a day. My husband, who had virtually no PROMINENT health issues, takes 250mg a day. But he’s noticed that he has better digestion and also not bothered by little aches and pains. Also, and this may or may not be related, but his allergies this year were muted. In years past, he’s suffered horribly with allergies, even with a daily dose of allergy medicine.

Start out small – my advice to you! Start with a low dosage and try it for a couple days. See any improvement?? Then you should be ok with that. If you see very little and are still suffering, then try your normal dosage in the evening and add a little more to your morning routine.

Overdose?? There’s never been a case in the history of CBD, Marijuana or Hemp, where someone has died from an overdose. You could potentially get nauseated. You could be extremely sleepy for a bit, but you will not overdose on CBD alone.

There’s been research on Young people who deal with ADD, where CBD has helped them. I personally would love to see children get off of ADD medications and treat this naturally, but that is strictly my opinion. I’ve done some digging into this and it looks very promising. Children are responding to this natural treatment without having to feel “weird” or “not themselves” when taking harmauceuticals. (That was a Freudian slip – and I’m leaving it right here!). But please consult a medical professional before administering to a young person. We wouldn’t want any ill side effects from this to affect them more adversely in the future.

Pregnant and nursing – same as above, but I strongly recommend staying away from it while pregnant or nursing.