With the popularity of CBD rising in even corner of our life lately – there are some individuals that are selling CBD that is actually less CBD and more toxins. This wonder product could be doing more harm than help. Let me take you back a step and explain what I mean…

We’ll start with one of the magic powers of the hemp plant. The hemp plant falls into a category of plants called BIOACCUMULATORS. The hemp plant will absorb toxins from the earth that it is grown in. If a hemp seed is planted in dirt that is has toxins, metals, fertilizers and pesticides; it will try and basically clean that dirt and accumulate all the toxins around it and hole it in its stem. While this is an amazing way to clean up the earth, you do not want those toxins sucked up from the ground into your body.

Imagine having a bucket of water that you just used to mop your floor – you’re not going to put that water in your coffee maker, are you?? EEEEWWWW that would be nasty! A little drastic example, but there are products out there that are equivalent to this and the companies that sell these, do not care what they sell you.

The picture above is a bottle of my tincture. That sticker on the bottom has a lot number that references all the reports for that contents and when it was bottled. The report shows what molecules were in the dirt when that seed was planted and the breakdown of what is in that oil you are about to ingest. They call that practice; Seed to Sale.

Every ingestible product that ReJuv sells will have a lot number and a manufactured date; ensuring that what you are taking is organic and pollutant free. I’ve researched 100’s of farmers and interviewed several as I wanted to be absolutely – no question or doubt – that I only carry the best CBD products out there.

In conclusion, if you buy from us or you purchase your CBD products elsewhere, be sure that you know what you are putting into your body. Ask questions! Is their farm in the USA? How is it extracted?? (we can get into that in another blog) Do they offer the reports from a 3rd party tester? Do they even 3rd party test??

Now you know what to look for and find out…WHAT’S IN YOUR CBD???